Is Kirby good for this?

Hi, I am planning a site for a county golf archive. It has around 1000 players, hundreds of championship results, match results and associated images. An important requirement is related fields eg player name is linked to championship winners.
I’ve been experimenting with ProcessWire, but it appears to require a level of PHP knowledge that I don’t really have.
I have come across Kirby which appears to be simpler for someone like me. Does Kirby require fewer PHP skills. I really want to get a site up and running quite quickly but fear that I may hit a wall with ProcessWire. Kirby also has themes available which is not the case with PW.
I have previously built sites with Expression Engine and Couch.
I would appreciate any advice
Many thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum.

This is a question I cannot answer, because I have never used ProcessWire. Kirby definitely needs PHP skills once you want to go beyond the basics. So it depends on what you want to build. If you need complex logic besides displaying your content on a page, then yes, you need PHP skills. It also helps if you have at least a basic understanding of object oriented PHP.

Yes, there are themes and if you find a theme that covers your needs, great. But even then you might need to understand what is happening under the hood to make any changes.

Having said that, there are a lot of people using Kirby who at least started with very rudimentary to no PHP skills.

I’d recommend taking a look at our Starterkit, the explanations in there, and the documentation/screencasts to get a better impression if it fits your skill levels. For “getting a site up and running quite quickly” a certain level of PHP skills helps.

The good news is that we are always here to help if you run into problems.

Thanks, that’s useful. Kirby does look like something I could get to grips with. I have installed the starterkit but am getting an error message saying the PHP version is incorrect. I’ll open a separate thread for this if I can’t fix it
Thanks agan

See this link for the minimum PHP version you need for the last Kirby 3 or 4 releases: Requirements | Kirby CMS

I have 8.2 installed and have checked that the mandatory options are also activated. Would you suggest I look at the error log?

8.2 is perfect. What’s your local development environment?

This is running on my UK hosting account, not my local machine

I see. For testing and development, I’d recommend a local development environment instead of working directly on a remote server.

But of course, Kirby should also run on your server. If Kirby complains about the PHP version, double-check your PHP 8.2 version actually also applies to the folder/domain where you have copied Kirby.