Kirby Panels as Database Backend or Better an External Solution to Admin a Database?

Hi - first time poster, not so long time reader.

I’m thinking about the relaunch of a medium website (500 pages) in Kirby and I see all the potential for building content pages with it.

What I’m trying to evaluate is how to approach tabular data.

I know Kirby can deal with that and I already tried it, but it seems that I can’t setup a db backend to list, filter and edit data in a database, in panels. (I read it’s possible with hooks, but a file will be created nonetheless)

I would love to see that all in Kirby, but I fear I have to find an external database management tool.

I thought about Directus CMS or maybe Cockpit CMS (two headless cms systems), but it feels like a weird compromise to outsource the editing of data that’s tied to the CMS framework.

For example: I have a list of users that need to authenticate to a certain part of the website so see slides and other materials to download.

I have a large list of documents (virtual pages) that need to be edited and filtered in a backend and those can be rendered as html and pdf (rendering is easy though, but editing?)

Maybe it comes down to the Pro and Con of building a monolithic system that can do everything and many micro services.

How have others approached that? How to sell that?

Thanks for your input.

You can edit virtual pages from a database in the Panel if you create a page model that deals with assigning data to fields:

I knew I saw something like this somewhere, but couldn’t find it again. So my whole question becomes obsolete I assume :slight_smile:

Thank you. Will try this right away!