Connecting panel with sql database


in Kirby’s Guide I can see that it supports the connection with a database.

Has anyone tried to modify the panel so that it stores/reads the data from a database instead of the txt-files?

There is a more specific guide that suggests that the methods writeContent() and readContent() have to be overwritten.

However where do I do this? Or more in general again - has somebody tried this already?

thank you for your help.

Do you want to completely replace the file system storage with a database?

In that case, you’d better go with a CMS that uses a database by default.

The idea of connecting to a database is to do that for specific content, because you need a model for each content type. Where you need to do that is all explained in those guides you mentioned above.

It is not the intention to replace the system completely. I think so for now.
The key question is if a low-budget server can handle multiple users working simultaneously on the panel.
I am only experienced in using Kirby as a single user. Are there any known issues?

How many users are we talking here?

Let’s say 5-10 users.

I don’t think this will be a problem, content will be locked if a user edits it, so other users cannot edit at the same time.

Ok thank you for your help @texnixe .