Can database pages be manipulated in the panel?

The docs give a neat example of how to connect Kirby with a database. As far as I see, it all comes down to providing the access credentials and extending the necessary Page methods to manipulate the data from the database, instead of looking for files.

My question is - if I change a Page method in models/mypage.php is that method used everywhere, even in the panel? If I rewrite the update() method, would I be able to change the page data in the database from within the panel? If I have some plugins that read/write data to this page, would they function correctly as well?

Have a look at section 7 on the page you mentioned:

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Don’t know how I missed that… thanks! What about plugins, though? They would function correctly too, right?

Yes they should, if they use the normal methods to read/update the pages.

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