Use Kirby Blueprint System to build the backend but storing page content in a database?

Hi all,

is it possible to store the page content in a mysql database and using the blueprint system to build the page backend?

thx for answer!

You could, but only if you store your content in the content files and use hooks to then insert content/update content in the database. The Panel does not work with database stuff directly. You could then query the database in your templates, instead of querying the text files.


the data is always stored in the text files but the hooks listen to the events for example: kirby()->hook('’
and the pagedata is stored in the $page object . so i just have to hook all native panel functions to also write the data to a db?

Exactly, I’ve never done that myself, but, yes, that is absolutely possible via the different panel hooks.

i’ll try that! thx alot!