What plugins do you miss?

Ah HA! I did not know you could do that. I understood from the docs that adding information like captions to videos and images was limited to manually add text files outside of the panel. Thanks for the tip.

Nice, my logger plugin uses a custom panel view as well (as do two or three other plugins), but I have now refactored the code base based on yours, looks a bit cleaner now.

Yes, would be nice to be able to add such custom views to the menu instead of having to create a widget every time.


@texnixe @distantnative

It seems to be very useful. A long time ago I made a very simple admin page. @flokosiol updated it a bit.

Anyway, maybe it will be a panel core feature in the future, who knows. Until then, maybe it could be nice to have some kind of a boilerplate plugin that only includes custom panel views?

If there is not time for it it’s fine, just wanted to drop the idea.

The Panel Media plugin in its current state is actually the perfect boilerplate as it does not have any complex logic in it yet.

I think it will be at one time or the other.

You are probably right @texnixe. Maybe break it out and place it in a new repo before it gets complex then @distantnative?

just in case someone wishes for newsletter plugin with panel support but did not dare to speak up. here it is…

Even if this post is great to see what everyone wishes for, it’s a bit hard to follow. Some write in the wiki-post and others write ideas in the comments. On top of that there is a discussion. I’m not judging anyone but I think that it could be improved.

Kirby Plugin Wishlist - Released!

Today I’ve released the repository Kirby Plugin Wishlist. I’ve copied all the plugin ideas into that repository so everything exists there as well. Some plugin ideas was solved so I added these as closed issues.

I think it will be much easier to maintain similar to Kirby Plugins.

It’s using Github issues which has many benefits:

  • One plugin idea is one issue
  • Open/closed depending on if the idea is still relevant
  • Tags for filtering
  • Search
  • Comments on each plugin idea

Good start for Kirby Plugin Wishlist repository

I really think the new repository Kirby Plugin Wishlist got a good start.

It has interesting discussions like the one about menus.

New plugins

It also got birth to new plugins, a table field #20 and a social button plugin #14 (screenshots inside).

The new plugins are called Kirby Tablex and Kirby Sharingbuttons.

Nice work guys! :slight_smile:

Hold on Jens. Now i have to update the docs and screenshots! Ouch

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I really liked the idea of having a Github repo for plugin wishes instead of having one large topic at the forum. You can easily search and find proposals and stuff like that.


But I think it moves the discussion away from the forum. Discussing on Github is great and important (in principle) when it comes to technical stuff concerning plugins or issues, but I think it would be better, if the initial discussion about new plugins and ideas takes place here.


In my opinion it would be great if there would be a new subcategory “idea” inside the plugins category, just like the discontinued one. We could then open a topic for each new idea and start discussion without mixing topics.

Please don’t get me wrong @jenstornell – I really appreciate your effort. But I think it would lead to better discussions because more people would be involved (I guess).

What do you think?

/cc @texnixe @lukasbestle

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That’s actually a pretty good idea, @flokosiol.

@flokosiol Yes, I’ve noticed that too. I tend to agree with you but I want to see how it works out first, but I think we could try.

What I think we could lose with the forum is:

  • The possibility to close a topic. Only the crew can lock conversations. That’s needed if the case is solved and the idea became a plugin. A solution for it is to have like Plugin - Idea - Solved or something but I guess it’s too much?
  • Search. While we can search the forum it’s a bit harder to narrow down to plugin ideas than on Github because on Github everything is plugin ideas.
  • Filter with tags does not exists in the forum as far as I know.

But I agree on the main reason that it’s nice to have all involved in the discussion.

I think we should try but I will keep my repository until I’m sure that this is a good idea.

Hi everyone,

the new Plugin ideas category - as suggested by @flokosiol - is born. I also think that it makes more sense to have discussions regarding plugins here in the forum…



Alright. I’ll keep my repo until I’m sure this is the best way. To get started I looked into the advanced search and here are some findings for the lazy people…

To list all the plugin ideas, the search query looks like this:


or https://forum.getkirby.com/search?q=%23plugins%3Aideas

It’s also possible to search by keywords like this:

#plugins:ideas relationship

…or by user

#plugins:ideas @ola

The most important thing that I miss compared to Github is the option to close a post when the plugin idea is developed into a plugin. That plugin would probably have an own post and the plugin idea post would not be needed anymore. With my access I can’t close or lock posts. I have no idea to solve that problem yet.

You can count on us :slight_smile:.

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Now we have plugin ideas here in the forum I see no reason to continue with my plugin wishlist repo.

But it has not been completely unnessesary.

Three awesome plugins was (probably) born out of it:

Here is an image of the issues if you want to see it for the last time.

Any chance you’ll update Logger for Kirby3, @texnixe?!

@luxuryluke Hm, up til now I haven’t had any plans, but I guess I could if there is any demand. What is your use case for using the plugin? After all, it doesn’t store the actual changes, so it’s more an activity monitor.

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@texnixe I’d make use of that plugin too. I use it to see if clients have made changes since i last deployed that i need to pull down from the server. Beats trawling through the file system on the server looking at date stamps…

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I recently started developing a simple log plugin for exactly this use case: https://github.com/medienbaecker/kirby-logger

It’s still WIP but may already help you.

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