What is the best stack to use the panel on production?

Hi everyone,

Just curious, what is the deployment flow you are using with your Kirby CMS site (on prod) ?

At the moment, i’m using a classic hosting and the plugin to generate a static site. But it means that everytime I’m editing my site throught the CMS, I have to regenerate my static website and to push it to my server. Which is not user-friendly and very time-consuming.

How can I see the updates I did on the panel on production directly live ?


UP please, really need your help

I think your easiest option would be to use a webserver with PHP and install Kirby on it, i.e. no static site. You can leverage file caching to speed up page delivery, which shouldn’t then be much slower than a static site.

If you want to stick with a static site, you could automate static site creation when you make changes, i.e. make changes locally, push to GitHub/GitLab, then use GitHub actions or GitLab CI/CD to automatically create the static version and deploy to server. But this needs some setup and knowledge how to do that.