Posting and syncing with local dev version with live site

Ever since I’ve been using Kirby, I’ve only used the Panel locally on my Mac (it’s removed from the live site for added security). The site is in a Git repo with a MAMP virtual server, so when I commit and push, it triggers a deployment via SFTP to the live site using DeployHQ.

I definitely want to keep the local version for fannying about and testing updates before they go live, but with not having the Panel on my site I miss being able to post easily from my Phone or iPad. Obviously I can post without using the panel, by editing the files in the repo, but it feels a too fiddly in comparison. If I move to using the Panel online, how would I keep my local version in sync?

I wondered what processes anyone else uses? I see there is a Git plugin (Git Content | Kirby CMS Plugins) - would that work with my setup?

It should work, but then those commits should probably not trigger a deployment, because that stuff is already deployed.