Decoupling Panel from production

Hi I am fairly new to Kirby, as my skillset is on the front-end, it would be great if someone could point me in the right direction on how to set up a staging site for the Panel that is separated from the production site.

There is nothing special about it, all you would do is install Kirby on your staging server. But maybe I’m missing something.

Do you plan to have a headless setup with a JavaScript frontend?

For now I have only worked on a local setup to get acquainted with Kirby.

I was searching for recipes or other pointers on how to deploy or sync the content between the staging server and the production environment if this is more clear.

I was also wondering if it has implications for forms that create additional pages.

I don’t plan to have a javascript frontend, I strongly believe in progressive enhancement. What I love about Kirby is that it enables me to implement sites this way.

I think there are quite a few options, from basic SFTP, over rSync and Git. And probably third party deployment tools (Capistrano, Deploy HQ etc)