Workflow: How does one sync content from Production back to Staging?

We use the Kirby Panel on Production and multiple people make content changes.

Our code changes happen on Staging.

How does one sync all content changes from Production back to Staging?

How does one keep this in sync automatically?

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There is no definite answer because it depends on your workflow. Using Git would be one option.

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I agree with pixelijn here. It depends on your workflow. Git would indeed be an option, but so is rsync, ftp, …

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So I put the content folder in Git and then sync back to Staging?

Yes, as has been said, Git is an option among many. Check out this plugin:

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Depends on your preferences.

You could also exclude the content-folder from your git repo (as it’s being managed by the panel elsewhere anyway). And if you want to do changes to the code base, sync (ftp/rsync/…) the dev environment’s content-folder with the one on production. Then you have “real content data” (a snapshot of it anyway) to test/develop with, but it doesn’t get “in the way” in your git repo.