Static site generator for github pages

I discovered @jonathan-reisdorf’s Kirby 3 Static Site Generator plugin yesterday ( and tested the possibility of using it to create a github pages site.

I am in love with the plugin and it’s working great for this purpose—On localhost, I can either build the static site from the panel or from a Kirby hook and then deploy the site by manually pushing everything to master: The repo contains the whole Kirby site and the static files are served from a ‘/docs’ directory.

My idea is to automate the build process, using Kirby hooks to push changes in the content folder AND in the static directory to the Github repo, which automatically updates the live page. Kirby itself could be hosted on an existing, separate server so that editors can remotely change content. No command line and ssh would need to be used, which would make this ideal for cooperating on content with non-tech-savvy content creators & simultaneously saving time and money on yet another hosting package.

I found the git-commit-and-push-content plugin, which essentially proves that this would be possible but I need help with the implementation because I’ve never created a plugin before (or, for that matter, built on top of an existing one)… If anybody is interested, feel free to comment or send a message!


In case you’re interested, I got a similar solution working (building the static site with GitHub actions) and posted about it: