Static Site Generator Plugin

:wave: With this plugin you can create a directory with assets, media and static html files generated from your pages, which you then could e.g. simply upload to a CDN.

This is from the functionality somewhat similiar to @fvsch 's StaticBuilder plugin, but for Kirby 3.
There might be still smaller quirks to iron out (e.g. sometimes unnecessary media file version creation while no change to the file was made), so I am happy for feedback.

The company I work for uses the plugin when triggering the deployment to production (CMS environment serves kirby and the panel while production just serves the plain html version).


Hello jonathan, in the panel of kirby 3.22, I can’t find the button that shows “Click the button to generate a static version of the website.”
Once I put the plugin into site/plugins/static-site-generator, I will see this build button, isn’t it, or I am missing some steps?

No, you have to add a field to one of your blueprint and there’s also a config setting you have to set, see the steps in the readme.

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Hello Jonathan,

great plugin so far. Thats almost what I searched for. Do you think, that there is a simple way of making all urls relative?

This is so cool! I finally added it to the plugin directory. Sorry that it took so long.

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