Webhooks plugin for Kirby 3

If you want to use Kirby as a headless CMS and have a statically generated frontend, you probably need a way for your clients to trigger a deploy.

This field provides a plugin to do that, or to trigger any kind of webhook you want to trigger.
It’s my first plugin for Kirby, I had a blast developing it, Kirby 3 is just joy to work with!

Check it out on github

Feedback is very welcome :slight_smile:


Whoa. This looks pretty handy.

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Thanks :slight_smile:
If you end up using it, it would be great to get some feedback on how to improve things and if anything was unclear!

Hi there, the plugin is now available to install via composer as well, so I have officially put it out of beta :wink:

@texnixe This is me pinging you because this could go to the next Kosmos issue? There is also this plugin now though, so I might have to figure out the naming first …

// Update:
I have renamed the plugin to avoid confusion :slight_smile: @texnine This should be ready to go I hope.