v2.1: Displaying the template filename in the Panel Dashboard

What about displaying the template filename in the Panel Dashboard, e.g. in the left sidebar at “Page settings”, for easy reference?

If the blueprints filename differs from the template filename (" !$page->hasTemplate() "), it should also be displayed.


Nice idea, i like +1.

+1 Yes, I like this too. As admin I like knowing more about each thing. If possible at a glance. I think the Panel’s layout and structure could capably support higher density of information.

I’d love to see this feature as well.

+1 Would be much appreciated!

It was a simple change in the core to display this, though I didn’t use the language function that appears to be used.


    ........ line 53
    <?php echo $subpages ?>

    <?php echo $files ?>

    <!-- ADDED CODE -->
    <h2 class="hgroup hgroup-single-line hgroup-compressed cf">
      <span class="hgroup-title">
        <?php echo 'Info' ?>
    <ul class="nav nav-list sidebar-list">
          Template: <?php echo $page->template(); ?>

I hope to see this in Kirby version 2.2 ;-), may be only for admins…

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