User registration without shell_exec() or exec() activated?


We develop a website using the “user-registration” possibilities of Kirby described in this tutorial by @texnixe : User sign-up | Kirby CMS

But, we have a big problem actually, if the functionalities developped work really well on local server, we cannot use on our institutional server (CNRS) because we cannot have any shell_exec(), exec() function activated on php/ini. For security reason.

Is there a way to have the same functionalities (writing file and folders for our user) without using these specific function ?

Where are you getting this error? For all I know, the only place Kirby uses exec() is when you use the ImageMagick thumbs driver…

Hum, i see that on kirby website you’re right, i will search in the codebase developped by our team to see if that could be linked to other thing. I go back here with more information in the next days.

Hum, sorry for the delay, many projects on mars/april.

I think i finally found the error:

  • I configure kirby to work locally with composer,
  • I push to gitlab and CI run composer install, recreating the kirby/ and vendor/ folder
  • CI push the website result to my website www/

I found that my lftp mirror command miss :

  • /vendor folder was not pushed, this is probably why kirby try to use shell_exec command as backup command to create folder…
  • .htaccess of ./site/users/ was not correctly pushed …

Best regards