Call to undefined function Bnomei\exec()

Hi everyone,

I’m not a developer so any help would be appreciated with the following - I have a site (using Kirby 3 and Zero One) that works locally and on our development server (in a sub folder) but for whatever reason when I upload it to the client host (also in a sub folder for testing purposes) server I’m getting…

Error thrown with message “Call to undefined function Bnomei\exec()”

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance…


for me it seems that your host doesn’t support the command “exec” to execute shell commands. This is needed by the plugin kirby3-fingerprint

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Looks like the hosting company, if it is “Ionos”, allows you to enable that function:

The hosting support should be able to help you :slight_smile:

Is this a different/new requirement since 3.5.6 - the new version of the site is running

Forgot to mention that the ‘panel’ is working perfectly, it’s just the front end that throws up the error…

The site works if I turn the cache busting off… The hosting provider said the configuration of both servers should be the same and can’t offer an explanation at the moment as to why it works on one and not the other…

As said, I’m not a developer, so I have no idea but at least there’s a working version of the site now…

It’s not “Kirby” that has this requirement (that’s why the panel works), it’s one of the installed plugins (GitHub - bnomei/kirby3-fingerprint: File Method and css/js helper to add hash to files), I guess that was part of the theme.
It’s a plugin that can also be used for cachebusting (although a bit overkill for the task).

I’m pretty sure it’s that “disable_functions” configuration that on one installation contains “exec” and on the other not. Notice that this isn’t necessarily a configuration on the “server” level - therefore the hosting company wouldn’t really know if they don’t look at it.

One thing you could do:
In both installations (test and production), if you can, look if there are any “php.ini” or “user.php.ini” or “user.ini” or similarly named files in the directories (or in any parent directory) of where the sites are installed. What do they contain?

I can’t see any differences but I’m no expert so I could be looking directly at the issue and wouldn’t necessarily see it!

Thanks for the suggestions though :+1:

Do they exist though? Do they contain the word(s) “disable_functions” somewhere?