Plugin/kirby() Functions not registered after updating Kirby

posting from my phone and copy/pasting from discord thread, apologies for non existing markdown, will fix this later… bottom line: on a live server, i’m getting all sorts of call to undefined function errors, which doesn’t happen locally.

edit: updated my post with some formatting

I’m updating Kirby to latest version on a client site and suddenly getting errors like the following: Call to undefined function kirby() from site/config/; Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function ray() in httpd.www/site/plugins/kirby3-ray/index.php, before it was Call to undefined function kirby() from pagetable plugin, I deleted the respective plugin folders just for the next error to show… what could be the issue?

Everything works fine on localhost, files should be same, I’ve simply replaced the previous Kirby folder on the live site with fresh one and synced other changes – mostly to templates. But custom php functions are not registered

Could this be due to some PHP setting that’s different on the remote server? never had any issue like this.

I tried re-synching / deleting and reuploading all directories - vendor, kirby, sessions etc - it is now stuck at Array to string conversion in httpd.www/kirby/src/Cms/Field.php

PHP version on server is 8.0, same as local

Check if you have two kirby folders, one in vendor/getkirby and your kirby in the root

Unfortunately no, just the one in root. vendor/getkirby only contains composer-installer

Did you originally install with Composer though but then did the update manually?

Do you mean if I installed Kirby on the remote server using Composer?

I think it was originally even installed (locally) as a Git submodule, something I normally never do. for this update, I installed the latest version (locally) using Composer – But, at least for this site, I transfer all files to the live server with SFTP

I completely removed and reuploaded both the vendor and kirby directories. I also removed and reuploaded all plugin directories without success.

I now synced everything once more and… it works. I have no idea what made the difference. Thank you for your time as always @texnixe