Errors after update Kirby to

Hello community

I have a problem with a kirby site. After updating the website from 3.5.0 to any newer version, I got the following errors:

  • on normal pages: Call to undefined function Kirby\Cms\kirby()
  • on panel pages: Call to undefined function Kirby\Cms\csrf()


the first installation of this kirby site was with version 3.2.2.

What have I done:

  • remove kirby folder, remove media, upload new kirby folder


  • Usage of plugin uniform
  • Usage of plugin kirby-builder
  • Multilanguage

Any ideas? Thanks

Check if this applies to you as well: Problems updating to Kirby 3.5 - #6 by kuwts

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Thank you for the super fast hint.
Yes, I have too a vendor folder, but I need some stuff in it. I will try to update “getkirby” in it.

composer update
did the trick