Kirby Update 3.4.2 to most recent 3.5.x fails: Call to undefined function load()

Hi there,
running MAMP with PHP 8 locally in order to test a new Kirby version as recommended. I’m getting Call to undefined function load() - see screenshot attached. Before replacing the Kirby folder, all was running as expected. This is my first Kirby update, so I’d be happy about some newbie help :slight_smile:

How did you update Kirby?

When updating to 3.5.x, you also have to remove the Editor plugin because it is not compatible. However, the error message points to a different issue.

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Thanks for your quick answer!

How I updated: first, I copied my website’s folder to my local MAMP installation and tested it = working.
After this, I replaced the /kirby/ directory with the new, downloaded one. Tried to open = failed with the above error.
Next, I updated MAMP to a newer version that supports PHP 8.0 = still failing with same message.
Then I removed the Editor plugin and *yeah! I get a new error message that is maybe more easy to solve? See attached screenshot:

Could it be that you somehow ended up with two kirby folders, maybe one inside a vendor folder because you used composer at some point in the wrong place?

In any case, when updating you should always make sure to clear the media folder and your cache. There are also some breaking changes in 3.5.x that you should keep in mind.

But your issue with normal Kirby functions not being found points to some other problem.

  • media folder: empty
  • cache folder: empty
  • vendor folder: contains a lot of folders that i have never heard of before

tomorrow, I will empty the whole htdocs-directory, move a Kirby installation in from scratch and then add my content later. A step by step evaluation seems reasonable to me.
Good luck that I followed the docs and didn’t try to update my live version :upside_down_face:

Do you have more than one vendor folder?

only one

Ah, it’s what I thought. You have a vendor folder in the root with getkirby inside it and then you also have the kirby folder. That doesn’t work. If you didn’t install your Kirby project with composer, remove the vendor folder from the project root. If you did set up your project with Composer, you would also have to update via Composer and then there shouldn’t be a manually added /kirby folder.