User edit assigned page from frontend and replace files

Hello there,
i’m setting up a new project with Kirby 3 and wonder which is the correct approach to take.
Essentially there should be an admin, that has access to the Panel and can create Pages. Some Pages have a User field to select the users that are assigned to this specific page. The Blueprint will look something like this:

title: Project
    type: fields
        label: Assigned User
        type: users
        label: Introduction Text
        type: text
        label: Sources
        type: text
    type: files
    headline: Slide 1
    template: s1
    layout: cards
    max: 1
    type: files
    headline: Slide 2
    template: s2
    layout: cards
    max: 1
    type: files
    headline: Slide 12
    template: s12
    layout: cards
    max: 1

Now i want users to sign in via the frontend and be immediatly forwarded to some kind of frontend page where they can edit the Project they are assigned to.

A mockup of the frontend page could look something like this:
Anmerkung 2020-04-01 154436

The biggest hurdle to wrap my head around is how it can be possible to fetch the already uploaded files with their respected templates and after an edit of the page replace the old files with the new selected ones.

I wonder wich approach would be the appropriate one for my case. Via Forms or with the Kirby API. I’m afraid to dive into one direction for the next week, just to find out it is not the right solution for the job :wink:

Kind Regards,

I wonder if it wouldn’t be a lot easier to give users access to the page they are allowed to edit via the Panel instead of recreating the stuff in the frontend…

That’s the solution i did in a project before.
This Project is somewhat an e-learning and documentationplatform for projects by students (the users), supervised by teachers (the admins). In the coming years, there will be hundreds of students using the Platform, so i figured it would be the best idea to restrict access as much as possible, while also being persistent in the design.
In addition, teachers want to have the possibility to provide additional information on the uploadsite itself with texts, pictures and downloads, which is quite tricky to implement via the panel.

I even dreamt of an authorisation process by using a special, generated url-string that grants access to a specific project, so that registered users arent needed at all, just the url. But i think my knowledges is far away from something like that :smiley:

Yes, probably, though possible with different blueprints per user role.

I think using Kirby’s API it should still be possible to achieve what you have in mind.