Subpages for users


I’m working on a project where we want all users to have a “personal” space for uploading content. But only them can upload and only a specific role can also access them. So the ideal location would be the user page itself, but you can’t have subpages there. The current idea is to create a new panel area, where a user can maintain their subpages, which are created under a hidden top-level page, but since a panel area is made for custom forms (as far as I understand), I would need to recreate the frontend for files and subpages, since they should be viewed as if they wouldn’t be located differently (i.e. in the usual content tree).

Have you had such a problem yet? Or do you have an idea how I could solve it?

Thanks in advance!

You can create pages for each user in the content folder, and then each user would be able to edit their subpages only.

Check out this recipe: Going beyond Kirby's permissions features | Kirby CMS

There’s also a plugin that might be helpful:GitHub - sylvainjule/kirby-bouncer: Restrict access of a user role to a specific page (and its children) in the panel.