Roles permissions options?

Hello there,

I’m dealing with a website “Site A” which contains subfolders and specific subfolder “Site B” with subfolders as well.
I’m trying to define “Roles” for specific users in the Panel like:

  • Users A can only edit Site A and subfolders except “Site B” and subfolders
  • Users B can only edit Site B and subfolders except “Site A” and subfolders

Is it possible?

I’ve searched through the magnificent documentation:
and this more obscure git:

Any helps are welcome.


So all of your “sites” are in the same content directory of one Kirby project? That would require the permissions feature you linked to (work in progress still).

An easier way would be to use a multi-site setup.

Yeah, it’s a website for an artist’s association which include a gallery space. The editor for all the pages concerning the association and the editor for the subpage concerning the gallery space are not the same.
But the super Admin, myself ;), is able to edit everything at once with just one login and setup. That’s the idea.
Work in progress means, it would be possible in the future?
Thanks for the multi-site setup but I’d rather skip this option for now.

Many thanks.


Exactly, but as long as it is not announced, there is no ETA …

Yes, that will come at some point.

Until then, separate installations or the multi-site setup are probably the most reliable and stable solutions.
There was another discussion here.

Very interesting, I’ve added to my kirby ref list. I’ll wait and see. Meantime, I’ll tell editors to behave nicely with contents.


Any news about restrictions for panel administrators?
Thank you

Unfortunately not. :cry:

Is there any news about this topic so far with version 2.5.5?

Panel permissions were introduced in Kirby 2.4.0: