Need help with User Access and not Role Based Access

Hello everyone,

I’m relatively new to Kirby 4 and am impressed by the community. As a beginner, please bear with me.

Currently, I’m working on user-based access rather than role-based access in a blog project. My specific requirement is to grant User 1 access to only one particular template, while User 2 should have access to another template. I prefer a solution that can be managed entirely through the panel without manual code changes.

I’ve checked the documentation but couldn’t find a solution tailored to my needs. Is there a panel-driven method to achieve this?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Below is the yml code I am using to get the access page:

title: Contributor
    label: Page Access
    type: pages
    layout: cards
    query: site.index.children
    multiple: true
    panel: true
    site: true
    settings: false
    users: false
    system: false
    create: false
    changeName: false
    delete: false
    replace: false
    update: false
    update: false
    create: true   # Disallow creating pages in general
    read: false    # Disallow reading pages
    changeTemplate: false
    changeTitle: false
    changeSlug: false
    changeStatus: false
    move: false
    duplicate: false
    delete: false
    hide: false
    sort: false
    update: false  
    changeRole: false
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Hi and welcome to the forum and Kirby :wave:. In general, permissions in Kirby are role based. You can, however, go beyond this, and here are some ideas and a link to a plugin: Extending permissions | Kirby CMS