Issue with permissions

When I updated Kirby to the latest version my permissions for a user type broke. Previously, users with this permissions setup could access their “Your account” page and this is no longer working. Any idea why this is the case?

    *: false
    site: true
    panel: true
  site: false
  languages: false
    *: false
    changeTitle: true
    create: true
    read: true
    update: true
    preview: true
  users: false
    changeRole: false
    delete: false

This is what the user sees now:

From which version did you update?

For users to be able to access the account view, you have to set account: true under access

Ahh I seee. I am on 3.7.3.

In the docs it seems that the account permissions is missing.

Thanks for the help! It’s working now