Use Panel Field Types on front end

Hi developers!

I’m working on a project where I would like users to post data and create/update pages from the front end and not going to the Panel. The Panel field types together with the blueprints is so easy and great to work with inside the panel, is there a way to use them on the front end or do I need to recreate all the logic?

It’s not that hard to create a new page and add like the title and other text stuff but the Structure field for example, is so great and I would like to use it on the front as well.

No, the fields can only be used inside the Panel, otherwise you would need to load all the Panel CSS code and JS logic, which will bloat your site’s code.

With the new permissions feature (Kirby 2.4.0) you could create a very limited role that can only create new pages. You could create a user for this that is logged in automatically when someone wants to create a page. Of course that would all be inside the Panel then, but maybe that works for you.
If you need the frontend because of styling/layout/branding, you need to create the form yourself unfortunately.

That’s what I thought.
It’s a private project so I would be fine with loading all the Panel CSS code and JS logic. But maybe it’s to much to ask for it to “just work”?

Yeah, it’s going to be pretty complex and error-prone. I wouldn’t recommend this.

Would it be possible to pop an iframe in a modal that take the user straight to the right page inside the panel? Like a mix interface…

May be HowTo: Working with contextual links to the panel can be something you are looking for, if you use the new permissions feature (Kirby 2.4.x) like @lukasbestle has said.

Good luck!

Thank you. I did something similar. Not the prettiest solution, but works for now.