Add Page in Panel to use with Kirby's functions

Hello and good morning,

i want to add a new page in the Panel “Maps”. This page “Maps” shall have a google maps page and then i want to add marker. I would like to do that with the “structure” panel field.
As i havent done that before, i want to ask how you would do that?

Thank you all!

I think this here is relavant:
But how can i see the “structure” types i use in blueprint for the frontend and how could the data be stored?

I’m not sure I understand what you want to do and how permissions relate to that. But maybe this is what you are looking for?

Maybe i have to give more details. Sorry for that :frowning:

We want to collect Spots as marker on a google Map. But this Page shall only be accessible within the Panel Users. This is not a frontend page.

Also the marker shall be edited by the panel user. So there are unlimited numbers of markers.

Ok, looks like you then need a custom field that displays a map in the panel with markers taken from a structure field in the same page. Well, at least the plugin mentioned above could then be a starting point.

To hide this page from frontend users, you can use a route that redirects the URL to the error page.

Okay, so you would do that as a frontend page.
Is there a chance to add a menulist entry to the burgermenu in the panel that redirects to that frontend page?

Well, you could also create a Panel page, but no matter if you create a frontend page or a Panel page, you can’t add anything to the burger menu, unless you are ready to modify the source code or use a field with Javascript to inject something into the menu.

The way this is usually tackled is with a dashboard widget that links to the specific page.

Okay, i will do that with the Dashboard Widget then.

Thank you @texnixe