Integrate frontend pages in panel

I have an idea for a Kirby project where I would like the frontend pages to reside inside the panel. So for example instead of showing an edit form for a page in the panel I’d like to show its content in a styled way and maybe have an edit button on this page to jump into the panel’s default edit form.

Is this possible and how should I implement this (plugin, panel hooks, hardcore panel hacking)

THX Yves

Hm, that way you would see the styled content twice, once on the front-end, once in the panel. Does this make sense? Wouldn’t it be better in that case to show an edit button on the front-end which then jumps to the panel edit form? Or have a look at @jenstornell’s Splitview plugin.

If I’m not mistaken, that sounds like hardcore panel hacking to get this right.

Well the idea is to have no frontend at all. All data is added, edited and should be shown within the panel.

Think of it as a web-based Filemaker. Kirby delivers 70% of the functionality for the web app I have in mind. The last 30% is showing various lists and data sets within the panel. Maybe I could “misuse” custom panel fields for this or even better a plugin since hardcore panel hacking is by nature not very future-proof.

Ah, I see.

I have once developed a similar custom application for a client. It doesn’t use the Panel at all and instead everything happens in the frontend. It uses the Kirby users to authenticate, but all viewing and editing happens using templates and controllers. Pretty flexible and you can style and organize it however you need.