Custom page content in the panel

Hi there. Hoping to solve a problem here.

Inside my new Kirby install, I want to have the idea to ping an outside API with some form data, but I only want that form to exist for folks who are logged into the panel.

Broadly, my goal is to be able to write my own form HTML to exist on a page within the Kirby panel. So the HTML would look like a little something like this:

Anyone have a suggestion where to look for places to add code to?

The best way to achieve that would be via a custom section plugin:

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Oh, that was exactly what I was looking for, thank you @texnixe.

Incidentally, what’s the use of yourname here in the example (where it says yourname/modifed)? Is that so that I could differentiate AhoyLemon’s plugin from someone else who made the same general thing?

Yes, all plugins live in there namespace and then have a plugin name.

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