Modules in Kirby


have someone an idea how I can realize modules with Kirby?
With modules I mean contentparts which can be managed by the panel like in Joomla.

Kind regards


Do you mean this: a custom form for some data element, like the editor for text within the panel? Then it’s already doable with

If I’m completely mistaken, could you please try to describe what you mean more precisely? :heart:

Hello Cilice,

I’m not really sure if a custom form will be usable to solve my problem.
I’ll try to describe it better :).
As example, I have an box with additional information like contactinformation.
Now I will give an editor in the panel the possibility to set this box on show or hide and to change the content.
I think about to solve this with an snippet and a checkbox which I can query.
But I’m not sure if this solution is really practicable?

That’s at least how I would do it; for contact information, I would keep the content in the page where it belongs “naturally”, like a contact page or in the site.txt file and then use snippets to include that information depending on whether a checkbox is checked or not. Or if you have several snippets and want to sort the order in which they appear (e.g. in a sidebar or footer) use a structure field with a select field inside.

In fact, I think this is a much better approach then with Joomla modules, because with Joomla modules, every time you add a page you have to go back to the modules and include the module in the new page as well, arghh …

the contact information was only an example.
I think I will write an js function which will show the modulefields in the panel if the checkbox is checked.
If I save the module information inside the page I can change it on every page where the module/snippet will displayed.

You see I’m not 100% clear how it will work, actually I’m now in the conceptual phase of website.

In Joomla you can, since some versions, change the modules direct from the menu.