How to start - Writing a "Content API" Plugin

Hi there,

I’m really new to Kirby and amazed about it’s flexibility and potential regarding customization.
I stumbled over this tutorial about fetching content from an external API and thought about a plugin for this, to make it more flexible and configurable over the panel.

There are a different types of plugins and maybe also different approaches to achieve this.

I thought about a custom block which is configurable with URL, API Key / Basic Auth and where I could define a custom structure / template for the data to be displayed. Basically a really light and basic version of the wpgetAPI plugin. Since every endpoint could have a custom structure, I think this would be the hard work.

I also thought about a custom page type which would be configurable, but not sure if this would work and/or the best approach.

The functionality should be:
Create a page/block and define:

  • URL
  • Authentication (yes/no)
  • Auth Options if yes
  • Token
  • Basic Authentication via Username / Password
  • Virtual template for structured which should be displayed

Additional Functions:

  • Pagination
  • Custom CSS

Since I’m not so familiar with Kirby Plugins yet (yes I read some documentation and also youtube videos), I would like to ask for an advice which approach would be the best and how I could start.
Any suggestions?

Thank you very much,