Uploading large videos fails

Running Kirby 3.5.3 locally on Valet, I cant seem to upload files greater than around 128mb. Smaller videos work The memory and upload settings on PHP 7.4 are all set to 512mb and the video im trying is 160mb, so it should work. After testing a few other videos, it seems nothing over arounnd 128 mb works.

If i manually add the file to the content folder, Kirby still fails to read it correctly and detect its mime type.

Any ideas what is going on there?

I guess that didn’t happen with versions prior to 3.5.3?

Finally got to the bottom of it. There is a third setting you need to change. The Valet Nginx config also has a post body max size, which seems to take precedence even if your PHP ini is set to a higher value.

I actually had to modify usr/local/etc/nginx/valet/valet.conf which was set to 128mb. Once that was set as well as increasing the 3 limits in the PHP ini, and rebooting, now i can upload stuff.

What a silly error!

Also happened on Kirby 3.4.3 on another project.