Upload kirby online shows only render(); on the home page

Hi all, after uploading the kirby code in the public_html, the website on the home page shows only render();

I tried to redirect the home page to another page in config, for example:
‘home’ => ‘gallery’

Now the gallery shows render();

Its not a problem within my hosting or dns, etc since I tried to run it on two existing hosting providers and the same issue appears

Any idea what could it be?

If the browser shows text instead of executing the PHP, then it’s most likely a server configuration issue or a PHP issue.

Replace the code in index.php php with just

echo 'hello';

to verify. You should only see hello, not the PHP code.

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Yes that works, only when I put /specific-page, on the home page still render, Im just not sure if its connected to server since im running it on the server where I had another kirby (using same kirby version) website before working fine

Do you think that I should change something in .htaccess ? One more thing, I also tried to update kirby version and it did not help. Or if you have any clue what I could do would be super kind of you!

Could you please rephrase, I don’t understand what you mean?

Have you been able to figure this out?

Hi Texnixe, yes, I have uploaded index.shtml near index.php, the landing page then could not be fetched, to be honest very trivial problem, thanks for the support!