Updating Kirby from 3.6.6 tp latest

Where do I find information regarding updating Kirby 3.6.6 to the latest release?
Thank you.

There is no guide to update from 3.6 to 3.9, you would have to check what changed in each version, you can find the changelogs for each major version under


The biggest change was probably the introduction of unique ids in Kirby 3.8, for which there is a guide how to update from 3.7: Kirby 3.8 | Kirby CMS

This change is important as it has an influence on your content, but unique ids can also be disabled.

Have same question as upgrade from 3.7.5 to 3.9.1 failed - after replacing kirby folder it would not work at all. Now checking Migration guide for site developers | Kirby CMS

Note that an update also always requires you to delete the media folder and also to check if there are newer versions for plugins you might have installed.

Also keep in mind that the PHP requirements for Kirby 3.8.+ have changed, you now need PHP 8.x.

In general, it is easier when you always keep your versions fresh, because then you only need to check one changelog for breaking changes, not multiple.

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Success - as it appears - reason for failed upgrade was outdated plugin. Re-downloaded and replaced plugin and everything now is working.

As it appears from now on newly added (audio) files in content txt file looks like this:

Files: - file://JQV777lIZsHvuSHI

Previously (and most of application still has) files in classical way:

Files: - some_audio.mp3

Is it possible to switch off that uuid thing for files handling?

You can disable UUIDs in general, but not just for files

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