Trouble moving invisible pages to visible

I’m using v2.4.1 and I’m having trouble moving some content from invisible to visible. It just puts it back. When trying to modify the status directly in the detail view (on the panel) I get this message:

Happens both locally and remotely on my test site. Permissions seem correct.


  • Files – 664
  • Folders – 775


  • Files – 644
  • Folders – 755

I can modify the folder names directly to make them visible in finder and ftp client, just not through the panel. Any ideas as to what I might be doing wrong?

So this does not happen with all pages? Is there anything that these pages have in common? Have you set any permissions? Pages that use a plugin, maybe?

All of the pages in that folder. If i go to another folder I’m able to move the pages in that one just fine.

Update: The one that was working was set to 775 and 664. I’ve made sure the permissions match as well as the User/Group, but still not working. :frowning:

Could you check if any of the suggestions/findings in this post help and report back: The Directory could not be moved

@texnixe Thank your for that link. It was related to page names like mentioned in the other thread. I think when I overwrote the content folder something must’ve gotten messed up.

Just curious, what methods are using to manage their content and accounts folders? I never want to replace those folders when uploading. And when downloading to replace old test content this issue came up because it seems to have merged the contents of the folder rather than replace it completely.

When I have to use FTP for uploading/downloading, I usually remove the old stuff before uploading/downloading to make sure that stuff is not messed up.

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