Bug in Kirby 2.4.0: Drag & Drop page visible/invisible


I have noticed a bug in the kirby 2.4.0 panel when editing pages.

If I move the “home” and “error” pages by drag and drop from the invisible box to the visible box, I can move back the “home” page to the invisible box but not the other pages.

This test has been done on a clean kirby starterkit install:

Video screencast

Thanks for reporting, it should in fact not be possible to change the visibility of the error page.

I’ve created an issue on GitHub.

In fact, even if I don’t move the “error” and the “home” pages invisible > visible, I can’t move other pages (about, contact …) from the visible > invisible.

Hm, unfortunately, I can’t reproduce that in my installation.

My remote server run php 7.0 …

Just tested on a local install and observe the same behaviour (Linux, Firefox, Chrome, php-fpm 7.0)

I fixed this on the develop branch and it will be in 2.4.1

Seems to still be an issue for me? When dragging pages from visible to invisible they just return back instantly, only Home is draggable from one side to the other and back.

Hmm… It seems to work fine for me on 2.4.1

Is it possibly a permissions issue?

I’m on 2.4.1 as well. Well possibily, but permissions on what? There is no setting to prevent pages from being draggable right?

There is: https://getkirby.com/docs/cheatsheet/permissions/panel-page-visibility

But if I haven’t changed anything it should work out of the box right?

Sorry, I meant Unix permissions. I’ve seen cases where the appropriate write access wasn’t applied on the content folder.

If you are on a Starterkit, all pages on the first level have their status option set to false, which means you can’t change their visibility. Set this option to true, if you want to change their visibility status.

Oh, well yea there are a lot of problems with local development on windows in general.

Is there a different package other than starterkit btw? And changing status works, thanks for help :slight_smile: Is there any reason why this is the default?

Not really sure why this is the default, probably to show how to use these options. It wouldn’t usually make sense to change the visibility status of main page, I guess.

Apart from the Starterkit, there is the Langkit (same as Starterkit, but multi-language) and the Plainkit (which does not have any content or styles).

Yes you are right, it wouldn’t make much sense in production but it just feels weird when the items are draggable but just return back without any warning or something.

Thanks for the explanation.

I agree, a warning or disabling the drag & drop functionality would be helpful.

I created an issue on GitHub.

Yea it could be helpful, it’s not that necessary once you realize where the problem is but it could help others maybe.