Panel not letting me make subpages visible?


This has been driving me crazy all day. I am not able to make my subpages visible with the panel. When I click on make visible, normally there is a dropdown list where you should choose 1. However, it just asks me if I want to make visible (without a dropdown), and saving it to visible does not change anything, it is still invisible. However, if I manually go in the content folder and make it visible by adding “1-”, it works. And once I did that, making all the other subpages visible works fine for that page…

But then I have to do that again for every first subpage I create. What could I have set up wrong? Thanks for the help!

That’s a bug in Kirby 2.4.0, it’s fixed on the dev branch and will be in the next release.

Oh, okay. I will live with it for now then.

Thanks for the quick response, as always :smiley: