Drag and drop (invisible → visible) always inserts at the top

I don’t know how, but I ended up with several pages with the same order index (folder name prefix). manually cleaning that up fixed the order in the panel. as descrbibed in Failing to resort panel page order

the problem that still persists is: whenever I drag an invisible page over to the ‘visible’ column, the page gets inserted at the top (and gets the index 1) – no matter where in the list I drop it.

ok, it looks like this is caused by the fact, that I manually disabled pagination for this view. – is there any way to disable pagination without breaking other things?

looking at the code, the following seems to help – but obviously it’s not ideal:

  limit: 999999

Could you please let us know what exactly you did to disable pagination and what the parent blueprint of those pages look like. Also, what Kirby version are you using?




title: Projects
icon: folder-open-o
files: false

  template: project
  limit: 999999

  status: false  
  template: false  
  url: false
  delete: false
  preview: true

  # [...]

In general, it’s not such a great idea to mess with the source code. Setting the limit to a high number is actually your best bet to prevent pagination.

Why do you want to disable pagination, anyway? Long lists of pages are not really manageable, are they?