Transparent panel list images with white background are buggy

I have a files section to which you can upload files with a specific blueprint:

    type: files
    template: product-claim-symbol
      back: white

But the images are broken:


If I switch the layout to cards, however, the images are alright:

Not quite sure I understand, what do you mean with black background? Looks as if these images are transparent PNGs?

Which thumb driver are you using? GD or IM?

Is the effect different if you use another background?

I had put the wrong title. The images are transparent and I want them to appear with a list layout on a white background (via the back option). However, the background is black when I open the panel. It works OK with cards layout, though.

I’m using the default thumb driver in Kirby 3.2.3 which, looking at the source, appears to be gd.

Could you provide one of your original files for testing in my environment? Or have you already tested this in another environment yourself?

Sure, here’s one file. It might be a problem with the driver because the generated images in the media folder that the panel uses have a black background, instead of being transparent.

It might be a problem with the driver (I’ve seen issues here with transparent PNGs getting a black background here), but the strange thing is that in your case it only seems to affect the small thumbs, not the bigger ones (unless maybe the file is not resized for card style).

Anyway, I’ll check in my environment.

Edit: Works fine in my environment:

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