Back option for images

Howdy, I have an image field that allows for one image. I want the preview in the panel to have a white background. I’m assuming if a upload a transparent PNG the background will be white (not that checkboard pattern).

My blueprint:

	label: Logo
	type: files
	multiple: false
	layout: cards
		back: white

What I’m seein’ in the panel:

What am I missing? Hmmm…

Hm, strange, and the white background doesn’t even show up after clearing the browser cache and refreshing the page?

Don’t upload PNGs. Their transparent background sometimes is not correct in the thumbs, e.g. in the panel!
May be this is better if you change the driver to “im”.

I suppose a cache clearing and resave did the trick. Could of sworn I did that but it works now so I won’t complain. Thanks for the replies.

I have used transparent PNG images on many many websites using GD as the driver (which is the default) without any issue whatsoever, either with the thumb itself or the white/back back showing through.

Exactly, there was only one issue once, like due to a specific version of gd library. Not to use PNGs is certainly not reasonable advice.

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