Image Block Background Color


I am using Image Blocks to manage sponsor logos in the footer of a page. I have chosen Image Blocks over just a Files Field, because the right away offer more options to the editors for linking, captions, etc.
Now since the website is on a dark background all images are transparent with white content. Which leads to this issue:

I would like to avoid writing a custom blocks plugin only for the background color. And now I was wondering if there is such a things as back: black for the image blocks?

Thanks a lot!

You don’t need a plugin, but you can override both the image blocks snippet and the image block blueprint to add an additional field, see the docs: Blocks | Kirby CMS

thanks pixelijn!
i think what i dont understand is, where to change the preview.

In the Tab-View it is by default with a black background, because the blueprint under blueprints/blocks/image.yml it says back: black. So that looks fine.

But where would I find the blueprint for the preview (aka the screenshot in the first post, where you cannot spot the graphic at all)? :exploding_head:
sorry, sometimes the mighty multi-levels of the blueprints can be tough to navigate

Ah, ok, sorry, now I understand. In this case, you actually do need a custom preview in a plugin.