Translate: false option inside structure fields


It would be great to have the translate: false option inside structures to prevent translation of some fields.


What is your use-case? Can’t you just not provide translated labels?

@lukasbestle: The translate:false option prevents translations of a field value and makes it readonly (when used in a normal field) in all languages but the default one, so not providing translated labels does not make sense.

Haha. #facepalm :smiley:

But I’m nevertheless interested in the use case, because I’m not sure this feature makes sense given the way structure fields work. After all, you can delete entries in one language but not in the other, so for this to work, the order and the number of entries should maybe be fixed?

use case: to keep values untranslated in non-default languages.

But deletion creation of structure elements in non-default languages also seems to be a problem. It’s too comlicated to add an option to hide add/delete in non-default languages?

Well, I know what the translate: false option does but was rather interested in what sort of context (use case) you want to use such a structure field. You would probably also have to prevent sorting in non-default languages.

Of course, you could come up with your own structure field, but maybe there is another (better) solution to implement what you are after? Hence the question regarding the use case.

Ok, i postpone the multi language support for my project for now and think twice.

thanks anyway!