Translate only certain fields inside a structure field


Is it possible to translate just certain fields inside a structure field? Here I add translate: false on the style field since I want the button to have the same style on both languages.

But I guess this is not supported? :thinking:

  label: Buttons
  max: 2
  type: structure
      label: Text
      type: text
      width: 2/3
      default: primary
      label: Style
        primary: Primary
        secondary: Secondary
      required: true
      translate: false
      type: select
      width: 1/3

The translate option does not apply to individual fields within a structure because items in a structure don’t have a counterpart in another language (meaning, you can add, remove, sort items differently in other languages, so there is no way–at least not currently–to even know how these items relate to each other.

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