Topbar and NoticeBar (unsaved changes) disappear on mobile Browsers (iOS Safari, iOS Chrome)

I am using kirby (3.6.2) on mobile safari. When editing texts using the markdown editor the unsaved changes NoticeBar is shown:

As soon as i enter the editor field, the topbar as well as the notice bar disappears

and is shown again when clicking outside the editor or closing the virtual internal keyboard. Even by scrolling the entire screen to the top or the bottom doesn’t make the topbar or notice bar visible. It seems to be hidden while editing a field.

Any chance to make the bars visible again?

Which field type is this?

(v1.0.9) but the same behaviour occurs with the “normal” markdown field.

I can partly reproduce this, I have multiple textarea fields in one panel tab and sometimes the bar show up fully, sometimes only partly and sometimes not at all when the field is focused. :thinking:

Could you create an issue on GitHub, please regarding the textarea field, the markdown field is a plugin and would needs its own issue.

done, see Topbar and Noticebar (unsaved changes) disappear on mobile Browsers (iOS Safari, iOS Chrome) while editing · Issue #4172 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub