Panel - Image upload clears unsaved markdown, dragging to text field causes scroll to bottom?

If I’m editing a post, uploading images to a draft causes unsaved changes to be lost.

Then, dragging an image to a point in the text editor causes the input to scroll all the way to the bottom, which also isn’t very ideal.


I’m just wondering if other are noticing similar behaviour or if it’s localized to my install/setup?

Kirby 2.5.10
Kirby Panel 2.2.0

Panel and kirby core should be the same version!

Try updating both panel and core to 2.5.12 and see if problem persists.

Sorry the versions were actually up to date, I just read the kirby panel version in package.json which isn’t updated.

I’ve been updating core/panel via git submodules so both are up to date with master. Unfortunately wiping both folders and re-pulling still results in the same behaviour.