Panel loading animation issue on update


I have issues with the update to Kirby v2.5.10 and PHP 7:

A) In Kirby v2.5.10, I noticed that the grey, opaque loading screen with the circular loading animation, is showing more often than before. After the update to v2.5.10 it even flashes if I, for instance, just drag and drop an entry in the custom ‘gallery’ field (@timoetting). Is this a bug within Kirby or maybe the ‘gallery’ field?

B) When using the ‘checkboxes’ (not the ‘checkbox’) field, on saving changes, it doesn’t show the ‘:)’ message but instead saves the changes and reloads the page. Does this happen on purpose?

Thanks for your great work, btw!

With the checkboxes field, the issue seems to be that the green saving confirmation only shows if the field is no longer focused. Looks like a bug.

As regards the loading screen, it appears both when you drag and drop items in the gallery field and when you sort images in the images view. But I don’t know if this is on purpose or a bug. I checked the changelog and the one for 2.5.9 has a feature called “proper loading indication when forms are submitted” so that’s probably the reason why this happens.

Thanks for checking! : )

SORRY: I was wrong, I’m not using the ‘gallery’ field but the ‘builder’-field (also from @timoetting) .
Is there any possibility to add an exception for the ‘builder’-field to not show the loading screen when dragging & dropping when using this specific field? The screen going black every time a ‘builder’-entry is dragged and dropped is a bit weird. But I guess I’ll have to ask @timoetting : D

For the ‘checkboxes’-field, I might then just use multiple ‘checkbox’-fields.

That might get a bit awkward to handle in the template and depending on how dynamic your options need to be, even useless. Maybe the multi-select field then is a better option. Or the relationship field. Don’t know if the latter has the same problem when moving items around.

Yeah, that’s true : /
(The fields aren’t dynamic though.)

Thanks for the links – I will try if those also work with images.

I’ve created two issues:

Although I don’t really think the first one will get fixed in Kirby 2, don’t know about the second.

Thanks for you effort!


I found the culprit. The ‘builder’-field is causing the flashing. It doesn’t happen with other plugins that allow sorting. @timoetting