Please, fill in all fields correctly

Hey all,

we are using 2.3.2 Kirby Version CMS platform for our website and we are currently facing an issue.

The problem is that we can’t save a new page (and also an existing page) and there is an alert message like this: “Please, fill in all fields correctly”. Although we can upload images. Also, we tried to edit an already published project, but we can’t edit it because the platform doesn’t allow us to save.

Also, we tried to upgrade to the newest version of Kirby 2, but after this, the website went down. So, we have the previous version now (2.3.2 Kirby Version).

We would very much appreciate if you could assist us with the matter.

What is the error message you get when trying to update to the latest version?

What is your PHP version?
Is it a multi-language or a single language installation?+
What type of field is affected? Are any fields highlighted in red?

Also, please post your project blueprint