The session storage directory "C:\xampp\htdocs\OCIO/site/sessions" is not writable

Hi! Yesterday I synchronized my project folder to Google Drive. Next thing I know is I can’t access the panel. I guess it has to do with the permissions but I changed the permissions of the whole project folder to “write” and “execute” for all users and it still doesn’t work.
I am a newbie so if you have suggestions please be as clear as you can be.
Thank you!

I have little experience with Google Drive. Can you explain some more? You original project folder is still in the xampp document root? What did you do to sync to Google drive? Create a symlink?

Thanks for the reply. Yes the folder is in the XAMPP root folder. I don’t know specifically how Drive works, but the folder was simultaneously on my PC and on the Drive for sure. I suspect the owner changed when I synchronized, from me to Drive. So I deleted the synchronisation, and it still wouldn’t work. Then I changed the permissions to 777 for the whole htdocs folder and still doesn’t work. I’m clueless :confused:

Is the Panel the only thing that doesn’t work? Do subpages work, for example?

Yes, that’s the only thing! Subpages work.
Do you think that if I upload it online I won’t have this problem since I change server?

If I understand you correctly, it worked until you synced with Google Drive, right?

yes exactly

Then it should work on a remote server, provided that server fulfills the requirements

Nevertheless, since you probably want to continue developing on your local server, you’d have to find out what’s wrong. Check permissions and file ownership and assign the files to the Apache user (can’t really help with Windows). Or if all fails, delete Xampp and reinstall.

ok thanks for all, i’ll keep the thread updated.