'The license has been validated too often'

Hi guys,

I accidentally registered my license to my local version and now I’m getting the ‘The license has been validated too often’ error when trying to register it live.

I tried deleting the license file create in the config folder on my local version and I’m still getting the error.

This is urgent as I need this site live today.

Any ideas?

Please get in contact with support@getkirby.com, can’t do anything from here about this.

Oh. Is it locked without a way of me unlocking it then?

Are they typically quick at responding?

I know it’s a user error but it’s urgent for today.

I hope so, but it’s Friday of all days…

Yes, I just checked, there’s nothing you can do, it’s a security feature to prevent registering the licence with hundreds of domains. We recommend not to register local domains. Note that the site will still work even if the license is not registered, so don’t panic. It will just show the notice in the Panel.

Oh, I didn’t know it would still work. That’s good!

I guess you’d just hunt me down if it wasn’t registered after some time?

Sure, that will end badly for you :wink: No, seriously, we build on trust, not tracking.

Good to know :slight_smile:

Whilst I have you, I have some other issues that I need help with if possible?

Firstly, I have a trailing #/ after every page of my site. Have no idea where it’s coming from?

Hm, I don’t know, even after clicking a link ? That’s not something Kirby add by itself, so you are probably doing something somewhere…

It’s almost as if it happens after the page loads, then adds it.

I’m using Snipcart if there’s a know problem there?

Do you use the Javascript snippet? If yes and you disable it, does the problem persist?


The problem no longer occurs when removing the javascript snippet.

What now!? A question for Snipcart I guess.