How often is it possible to register kirby3


Have a valid kirby 3 license. Have register my local “Test” installation to try it out…
That was positive…a .license file under …/config was created…so far so good.

So my answer is now…how often can this step done? Because of an reported bug I can not go productive with kirby 3 currently.


…and so, I have to do the register step later again :slight_smile:
under another URL (the productive).

Cheers, Thorsten

I could be wrong but since Kirby licenses are not tied to any specific domain or user I think you can repeat the process of registering the license as many times you want.

The rule is that you need 1 license per site/domain.

In your case one is a development site (and in theory you don’t even need a license for that if I remember correctly) and one is the actual live site and you have a regular license for that.

Honestly don’t know how the license works under multiple domains used for a multi language installation though.

For this purposes, I have purchased months ago two licenses to be on the right site.
More licenses is better then as too few :slight_smile:

Hopefully I can retry the registration step without problems then again if I go productive with kirby3 when the bug is fixed.

Local test domains are not counted, so no problem, because you don’t need a license for testing.

For a multi-site setup, you need a valid license per site/domain.

However, if you are running a multi-language installation (a single site) under different domains, you don’t need a separate license for each.

In my case it is exactly so, but I already ordered in the past two professional license to be surely “save”

… on the other site…I like kirby very much so the money for one more license is/was a good investment issue for me. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!!

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We work on sites locally, then push to a staging server, where the client can view and approve the changes. Once everything is finished, we then push to the client’s live, production server.

So, the question is: at what stage should we go through the registration step? Can we just register it while we’re working locally, commit the .license file to git, and transfer it over to the staging and production servers when we deploy? Or do we have to throw away the license file, and re-register the site both in the staging and then production servers?