Multiple License. Does every license need a different email?

I am admin of multiple kirby sites and bought five licenses. I added them under different domains in the panel with my email address.
After switching back to the first site it was showing the notice “This is an unregistered demo of Kirby” again. So I checked the cache, the system or if there are wrong permissions but everything is fine.
So now I believe every key needs a unique email. Is this right?
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No, definitely not. Did you register the license via the Panel?

Hello texnixe,

thank you for the quick response!
Yes, I do login and click “Registrieren”.

Aftwards I see a smiley and also I double checked the license in the system:

So every thing looks fine. I also switched browsers (From Chrome to Edge) and the license is there.

But when I go to the next domain to register Kirby, it disapears in the previous domain…

I think I know where the problem is: we have a multisite with the content folder in the root path.
I think the license is always overwritten. Is there a way to change the license path?

Yes, since Kirby 3.6.0:

The root points directly to the license file, so if you want you can store all licenses in the same folder.

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